• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Woke up this morning with some(actually a lot) of snow on the ground once more! We received some fluffy stuff only a day ago, and I guess Mother Nature isn’t done yet.  It’s certainly been quite a winter so far,but we haven’t received that BIG storm yet (hopefully not!).  But in any event, days like today make driving on the roads pretty dangerous and tricky to say the least.

For the sake of today’s blog, we’re especially talking to all of those young, new, and inexperienced drivers out there who may be driving in their first winter. Not only will reckless driving put you and other drivers on the road in danger, but it will definitely jeopardize your CT auto insurance coverage as well! We have some tips listed below that I’m sure any seasoned driver will agree with, so make sure to drive extra cautiously if you have to be on the roads today, and follow these tips:

1:  Headlights on allday, everyday.  It may seem like it’s nothelping you see, but it does help other drivers see you!

2:  Put some more spacebetween you and the cars in front of you New drivers often have a hard time judging distance. Giving the car ahead some extra space allows more time to react and stop incase of an emergency.

3:  Travel slowly in poor weather.  Evenin rain traction is drastically reduced.  Slowing for corners isespecially important. Nothing good can come from speeding in bad weather,especially when there is a mixture of ice and snow between your vehicle and theroad beneath it.

4:  Is the ride ready forthis type of weather? If you haven’t checked your tires or wipers in a while,then chances are they aren’t ready for this winter weather.  Find a ride with someone else until you can get these updated.

5:  Watch that gas tank.  If you unfortunately find yourself on the side of the road, with no one coming for a while, then you’ll want some extra gas in that tank.

These few tips above may seem easy andva part of common sense, but you’d be shocked how many CT auto insurance customers neglect to do these.  Don’t fall into this category! Be smart and be safe!