• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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aircraft seatsWhen you are planning a vacation, you may consider going somewhere outside of the United States. Maybe you have family in Mexico or have always wanted to see the Eifel Tower in person. There are some things to consider when planning your trip across the border that may be different than you are accustomed to here in the United States.

First off, you will need to have a passport in order to get around. Even if your trip doesn’t include passage across the ocean, you still need to have a passport as identification. Even in Canada and Mexico, a passport is required to get to and from there. You will want to get your passport as soon as possible. Once you have a trip in mind, start the application process so that you can ensure it will be complete in time for your departure.

Your insurance is also something to consider before you leave the U.S. There may be some cases where you will not have the coverage you are expecting simply because you are on foreign soil. For example, you may not be covered by your auto insurance policy if you drive your car across the border into Mexico. You will want to check with your carrier to find out before you go. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with no insurance and a broken down car in an area you are not familiar with.

Also, health insurance is certainly something that you will want to be sure of before you go anywhere. Does your policy cover you for medical evaluations in another country? If not, you might need to purchase supplemental coverage. We can certainly help you figure it all out. Just give us a call before you set sail on your next adventure. We will review your current policies and let you know if you need anything further.