• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s National Radio Day and there is only one way to celebrate, turn on that radio! Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Tune in to our friends over at i98.3! If you want a variety of today’s top hits, you can find them over at i98.3. Not only will you get great music, you will also have the opportunity to participate in contests, and keep up with the latest events going on in Connecticut!

There are four major contests going on in the world of i98.3 and it is your job to make sure you submit and listen up for any announcements. The contest rules are pretty self explanatory but make sure you read them before you play so there is no mix up regarding the reward. You could win free passes to different festivals and performances just by listening in and calling at the right time! There are countless number of prizes so you are bound to win one of these days. Check out the contest section of their website to see when to listen in.

i98.3 is a huge supporter of giving back to the community. They give out the “Ray of Sunshine” award to people who help make a difference in the community. You can nominate anyone who you think has impacted their community in a positive uplifting way. If i98.3 decides to choose them they have the chance to win tickets to an upcoming Mohegan Sun show and dinner for two at one of Mohegan Sun’s finest restaurants. They will also receive an i98.3/Mohegan Sun Ray of Sunshine plaque as a token of appreciation for all of their efforts! It is great that i98.3 takes the time to celebrate helpful citizens and honor them for their time and dedication!

The great part about this station is that their music revolves around what you like! All of the top hits are played and they are also ready to take your requests. Don’t hesitate to call in or go on their website and request a song! The more you interact with them the more you are jamming to your favorite tunes. You can also keep up with them on twitter and listen to them live on their website.

Here at Paradiso Insurance we had a blast hiring i98.3 to play for our Flag Day Barbecue. The music was great and totally worth dancing to. If i98.3 is not on your setlist you might want to change that today!