• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So your company is doing pretty well right now. No issues internally or externally, employees are happy, and profits are steadily climbing.  Your company is good, but what about making it great?

If you’re a Hartford Business Insurance customer, and you want to make your company stand out and be an innovator in your area of business, well keep reading- here’s some folks that have succeeded in this area and seen profits skyrocket because of their solid business model, quality product, and outstanding customers service.
According to Inc.com, what your business needs to accomplish is to have your customers talking about your business or product.  Word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertising for you, and the best part is, it’s completely free! These are three companies that do things right:

Financier- a local coffee shop in New York City, this little store gives free pastries or chocolate with every cup of coffee…can you say awesome?

Panera Bread- First, have you ever heard of someone speak negatively about Panera? I didn’t think so.  Their food is absolutely delicious and their customer service is spot-on, with free wifi and free coffee brewed throughout the day.

IKEA- The furniture guys from Sweden do things right. They have special areas for kids to play in while mom and dad shop, and their unbeatable prices keep customers coming back for more.

So what is your business waiting for? Every Hartford Business Insurance company that Paradiso Insurance is teamed up with should strive to be the best business in their market! Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your career goals! So do it now!