• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you love playing music, your instruments are probably very valuable, not only in regards to price, but also have sentimental value as well. Guitars, violins, saxophones and pianos (just to name a few) can be extremely expensive pieces of equipment, and subsequently need insurance.  Pianos especially not only serve as instruments but also show pieces in a home, so the need to insure them is fairly high.  Your CT insurance provided by Paradiso Insurance will give you the necessary coverage you’re looking for. 

In many instances, most instruments may not be relatively expensive.  They may have a modest value and a loss might fall under most homeowner policy deductibles. However, there are many situations where the investment in instruments may be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  If someone in the home is involved in a band for instance then there may be lots of related equipment such as public address mixers, soundboards, monitors, speakers, stands, cords, cables and other property.

According to Rough Notes, if there is any business-related use of an instrument, coverage is often excluded for the property; even add-on coverage may not apply to business use. Therefore, a separate policy becomes even more important when the property is used for performance for pay, or is transported to different locations. Homeowner property coverage is based on the assumption that most property remains in the home; so extra coverage is often necessary for certain types of property that is frequently used away from the home (regardless if it is business or non-business use).

Regardless of how or why you use your musical instruments, if you’ve spent a large amount of money for them, then they should be properly insured.  You don’t want something to happen to your home that destroys your family piano, only to find out your homeowners policy won’t provide a replacement.  Insure your instruments today with the right CT insurance, and if you’re really talented, you should probably look into insuring your hands too. Just kidding.