• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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House fires seem to be occurring more and more recently, so we all should take this as a wake up call to ensure that our homes and apartments are as fire resistant as humanly possible. There’s always a risk, no matter how safe your place is, but by taking the necessary steps, you’re chances of a fire are greatly decreased.  

 I think it’s pretty safe to say that a house fire can be one of the worst tragedies for any family to experience.  Everything literally goes up in smoke, and there is nothing you can do to replace those priceless family items.  This loss can be devastating for anyone, however by having the right CT insurance may be the positive lift you may need in your time of recovery.

But what about those that don’t own their home? What about the apartment renters? These tenants, or those that don’t own their home or apartment are provided a unique and special form of CT insurance coverage specifically designed for renters. By investing in a Connecticut renters’ policy with Paradiso Insurance, the coverage will insure your belongings and possessions inside your apartment.  Since you’re a tenant and don’t own the property or structure, then you only have to worry about covering whatever is inside your home, not the home itself.

So if you’re a renter, do not fret! For there’s an insurance policy for you as well! There’s pretty much insurance for anything and anyone! Take every possible precaution to make sure your apartment or home is fire safe. Suffering from a fire is bad enough. Don’t lose your life savings trying to rebuild your life.  Get coverage…it could be the best decision you make this week, month or year! Give the experts a call at 860- 684- 5270 today!