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Lawsuits have become more prevelant and costly over the past decade.  Below are real-life examples of lawsuits that are being filed every single day incorporating events and positions that are considered common with our society.  Whether you are a coach, teacher, expressing your opinion, vocal or walking down the street, you could always fall victim to a potential lawsuit.

Below are several examples of lawsuits:

Blogging: Simply put, a blog is a diverse virtual journal or column someone can maintain and update with any information

Here is an example:  Your son, who is quite internet savvy, has a horrible day at school, thus making defamatory comments.  The teacher sues the child and wins for $750,000.


Furnace Trouble: The insureds tenant claims he became ill from carbon monoxide poisoning from the faulty furnace.  Claiming permanent brain damage, the tenant demand $1,000,000.


Someone who coaches: A teenage boy, who was on a path to a successful professional baseball career files a lawsuit alleging “incorrect” teaching techniques by the coach.  The lawsuit was for $500,000 which ruined his chances for an athletic scholarship

If you have any or several of the following, you may want to consider the purchase of an Umbrella policy:

Guardian to children you are financially responsible for.

You own rental/vacation properties.

Your home includes a swimming pool.

You frequently host guests and get together’s on your property.

Your assets are greater than your insurance liability limits.

Not only can an Umbrella policy protect you from the threat of certain possible lawsuits but also serve protection against problems and threats arising from your everyday activities.  Here at Paradiso Insurance, we understand the importance of affordable and proper insurance coverage.  For any questions regarding your policy or an Umbrella policy, please don’t hesitate to call us at (860) 684-5270 of visit our offices in Stafford Springs and Windham Connecticut or continue on our virtual insurance website.