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When the holidays roll around, so do the beautiful and compelling coupons and advertisements. With all of this glamour getting you in the holiday shopping mood, you are ready to hit the mall and scoop up any sale in your path!

But wait, what’s behind all of these big brand names anyway? When you spend your money with the “big guys” you may feel good thinking you got a great deal, but did you really? We know a great deal when we see one, and we think that shopping small this holiday season is the best deal you will find all year!

When you shop small you are supporting your local community and so much more! Here are 4 things that you are supporting when you shop small:

Courage & InnovationBS Barbara

Many small business owners don’t usually follow the typical mainstream trends and they rely heavily rely on their own approach and innovation to win over their customers. Their ideas are their own and their passion is one of a kind. Small business owners are ready to face the world with courage, in hopes that people enjoy their unique ideas as much as they do.


When you shop255Paradiso081214 small your money is likely going to a family or a great cause close to home. When it comes to small business, employees are also treated much like family, instead of just numbers. Therefore, when you shop small, your money always ends up in the hands of someone local with meaningful intentions. Feel good knowing your dollars are being spent on things like a putting food on a local family’s table, or buying a child their new little league uniform.

Made in the USA

america-517927_1920Doesn’t it always seem like a struggle to find things that are proudly made in the USA? We know how you feel. When you shop small your money not only stays in the country, it stays in the local community. If you are the type of person who seeks American made products, you are more likely to find them in a small local business versus a big chain store.

Giving Back

11430283_10153037841065829_6515995101965433810_nSmall businesses are community centered, therefore you will usually see and hear about many of them giving back to their community. When you shop small, you are helping a local small business give back to the community. If you are shopping close to home, this community is likely yours!

We hope you feel inspired to shop small this holiday season for all of these wonderful reasons. Check out so
me great
small businesses here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut!