• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Making sure that your business remains healthy and profitable is probably high on your list of priorities as a small business owner. But what really should be high on the list as well is proper insurance coverage in case anything were to happen to you or one of your employees while at work.  CT Workers comp coverage is so important, that it’s the law… no really it is!

Going without comp coverage is a class A misdemeanor! And if you ignore that, then it turns into a class D felony! So get coverage now if you don’t! Not because it’s against the law, but just because your business needs it. Take care of your employees, because without them, your business cannot exist. 

Need moreconvincing? Check out this great Rough Notes video:


At Paradiso Insurance, it is our to priority to ensure that your business is properly protected with the perfec t policy. Saving you money and as much of it as possible is what we can do best by tailoring a specific policy for you. If you have any more questions about your business and its CT workers comp coverage, then give us a call today!