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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Lately, we’ve seen some protests going on in the media. Some people are refusing to stand, instead opting to take a knee during our country’s national anthem, and while they are trying to prove a point, this is not the way that we would have hoped to see things happen. While dramatic measures sometimes need to be taken in order to send out a message, we would never refuse to stand during this country’s national anthem, because of the many brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending the country we are so proud to call our home.

I stand to commemorate our country’s veterans, because each and every one of them is a brave soldier who was willing to put their life on the line for us. This is the reason our insurance agency wears red every Friday for our veterans. R.E.D. Fridays now stand for Remember Everyone Deployed, and that is exactly what we aim to do. We can only hope to be deserving of their sacrifices while they risk it all for us.


I stand for the many lives lost, to commemorate their sacrifices, and let them know that they were not in vain.


I stand because somewhere, there is someone suffering because their loved one was not able to make the journey back home.


I stand because there are children who have lost their fathers and mothers to war, and they are counting on us to remain strong in their parents’ absence.


I stand because behind enemy lines, new families were forged among brothers in arms, and some of those new families were also lost to those battles.


I stand because this flag is more than just a symbol of our country’s freedoms, it’s a symbol of those who were brave enough to stand up and serve the United States of America.


I stand because our veterans shouldn’t be alone when they stand to honor their brothers and sisters lost at war.


And finally, I stand because loss is never easy, and it would be a matter of disrespect to the families directly affected by the tragedies of war.

There is a time and place for protest, but when it comes to honoring our country, our veterans, and their sacrifices, there is nothing that should stand in the way of that. I stand because it’s my choice to stand up and pay my respect to our brave men and women. Remember to thank a veteran today folks, because freedom isn’t free. Stand up for our country’s heroes the next time you have a chance, and be thankful for everything they’ve done to protect this great country.