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Would you look at that? More nasty winter weather is forecast to hit us towards the end of this week and weekend.  It seems as though Mother Nature is surely making up for her winter hiatus from last year.  While we’ve discussed in great detail the ways in which homeowners should be properly prepared for winter weather, we haven’t yet discussed the different ways in which business owners need to prepare their offices and other places of work from the harshness of winter weather.

Like we’ve said countless times before, but it always bears repeating: ” A safe business owner is a smart business owner,” and that will most certainly lead to good things down the road for your company, especially with regards to its Hartford Business Insurance policy. One of the big ways that you can be a smart business owner in Connecticut is to have a checklist in preparation of possible winter weather to ensure that you, your employees, and your property will weather the storm.  If you don’t have a checklist, need not fear! We’ve complied one for you! Take a look:

  1. Make sure all walls are properly insulated, especially those that face the outer limits.  More often than not, there are some pipes behind those walls, so you want to be positive that they are properly insulated.
  2. If the temperature really starts to plumet, turn on faucets just ever so slightly to let water flow through the pipes.  This will stop the threat of frozen pipes, and no one wants those.
  3. Make sure that any emergency exits, stairwells or sprinkler valves are clear of ice and snow at all times.
  4. Any fire pumps or dry riser equipment should be checked frequently to ensure that the heat system is in good standing and working order.
  5. Fire pump test headers need to be checked frequently to make sure they are continuing to drain properly.
  6. Those suction and/or gravity tanks that you have should be checked routinely as well and at least have a temperature of 42 degrees F.

We know these tips are the most fashionable things to do while running a business, but trust us- it’s staying on top of things such as these that will ensure the longevity of you company.  Furthermore it will significantly reduce the risk of filing a Hartford Business Insurance claim, so it’s a win-win! Give Paradiso Insurance a call if you have any further questions.