• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s back to school week here at Paradiso Insurance.  Kids are heading back to elementary, middle, and high school and the college students are moving back to campus for another semester.  If you’re a parent of a college student, especially if your student is living off campus, then there’s some insurance items that you need to check out before you start packing up the car.

First, you should check out your CT auto insurance coverage.  If your son or daughter is bringing a car to school with them, then check your insurance coverage to see how this situation will effect your coverage. The city and state that your student will be living in while at school may cause a change on your coverage, so find out!

Secondly, check your homeowners or renters insurance coverage to see if your son or daughter’s possessions will continue to be covered under the policy while they’re away at school.  Break-ins occur occasionally around off campus housing, so knowing this information is key in case something happens.  Also, robbery happens sometimes within the dorms themselves, so check that out too.

Finally, look at your health insurance coverage. More than likely, your son and/or daughter will be covered on your own health coverage.  So make sure they have the right documentation with them while at school in case something arises.

We wish everyone the best of luck in their new school year!