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For most, the jewelry associated with your wedding is likely some of the most expensive that you own. When you’re walking around with jewelry daily that can be worth thousands of dollars, it’s essential to know how to care for it properly and what to do in the event the unthinkable happens.

Caring For Your Jewelry

When it comes to caring for your jewelry and ensuring it maintains its sparkling luster throughout its entire lifetime, you can take a few steps that will deliver results that last.

Get Your Ring Cleaned Periodically

One way to rejuvenate your ring and handle any maintenance necessary is to take it to be cleaned periodically. There are two significant benefits to having your ring cleaned. First, if there are any stress fractures in the material that could lead to a stone loss, they can be identified and repaired. Second, as you wear your ring, it will build up a film from things such as daily wear and lotions. This build-up happens so gradually you might not even realize it is there. As soon as you take it to get it cleaned, you will instantly notice the difference and sparkle as all of this muck is washed away.

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Avoid Unnecessary Exposure

Another way you can care for your jewelry is to monitor the situations where you wear it carefully. For example, if you are going to the gym, there’s no sense in wearing an expensive diamond ring that could potentially get damaged on the equipment. A suitable replacement ring, such as a silicone band, available when you go out, will allow you to leave your expensive ring at home, thus minimizing the risk of damage to the jewelry.

Protecting your Wedding Jewelry 

When it comes to protecting your precious wedding jewelry, there are few options on the table in terms of insurance. They all offer their own unique set of benefits, and a quick chat with your insurance agent will help you determine which one is the right type of coverage for you. Here are a few popular options for insuring your jewelry when tragedy strikes.

Wedding Insurance

Before you even get married, the cost of a wedding can pile up significantly. Before you find yourself saying I do, you might have spent somewhere close to the national average of nearly $30,000. A great way to protect yourself against any issues that may arise before tying the knot is to look into wedding insurance to give yourself some peace of mind. This type of coverage will not only cover your ring against damage, but it can also protect against various other mishaps that bound to happen during the chaos of a typical wedding.

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Engagement Ring Insurance

One option you can take to protect your expensive engagement ring is by getting the ring insured. Choosing an appropriate engagement ring insurance policy is vital as an item with this level of value may not be covered under standard insurance policies. While this can be the right choice in some scenarios, it is always best to talk with your agent and walk through all available options to make sure you’re getting the best coverage that fits your needs perfectly. 

The Takeaway

Rings signify commitment, loyalty, and the special bond two people have with each other. However, if something like theft, damage, or loss occurs, this can be a major problem. Wedding rings are often seen as more than just a ring, and with the major financial investment that goes into them, it’s important to protect that. Have you recently gotten engaged or married? Give us a call today at 860-684-5270 or contact us here so we can make sure your property is protected.

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