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The kids have been back in school for a few weeks now, and at this point, you may have struggled a few nights with getting the kids to do their homework. Not to worry though! With the right approach, you can keep your children motivated and focused, and getting the kids to do their homework will be a problem of the past.

Create a Designated Time/Space

The first step to getting the kids to do their homework is to create a designated time and space for when and where homework is to be completed. This means you should pick a quiet, secluded space in your home that is comfortable for your child or children to do their homework and stay focused. Additionally, if you have multiple children, it’s best to designate them each to their own space. Also, it’s important to make sure they keep this time technology free from things like their smartphones or tablets, and to be sure they have all the necessary materials they need, such as pencils or extra utilities for project work. If the kids stick to a set schedule, it’s much easier to make it routine or habitual to simply get the work done.

Establishing Expectations

The next step in getting the kids to do their homework is to keep them on task, and the perfect way to do so is to set clear expectations. It’s important to sit down with your kids and tell them what you expect in terms of their homework, such as having it done by a certain time, or getting a consistent grade such as a C or higher on their assignments. There should be clear goals in place, and rewards for achieving them. Equally as important, there should be consequences as well if the goals are not met, this way your kids take it seriously.

Stay Positive!

The last step in getting the kids to do their homework is to simply stay positive. At this point, as a parent, you’ve probably already made peace with the fact that kids simply don’t enjoy doing homework. While that is the reality, your kids may not have come to accept it yet. It’s important to approach any conversations you have with your kids about their homework with a positive attitude to keep them from getting discouraged. After all, kids follow after our actions, and not our words alone.

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