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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Weddings are a beautiful and special moment of every couples’ life, and if you’re ready to say “I do”, here’s what you need to know about insurance for married couples before and after the big day.

Before the Wedding

Planning a wedding can be hectic, we get that, but we also know it’s a huge investment financially which is why we advise all of our newlyweds-to-be to get insurance to protect that.

Event Insurance

Event Insurance doesn’t cover everything, and doesn’t cover the actual wedding. However, it will cover the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and reception after the wedding.

Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry insurance can cover any type of jewelry, but in particular many newlyweds-to-be use this to protect their engagement rings and your wedding bands. Your wedding jewelry will need to be scheduled with one of our insurance agents to have coverage from theft or damage.

Wedding Insurance

Anything can happen on your wedding day, and by having wedding insurance, you’re covered from certain circumstances that you can’t control such as inclement weather, transportation issues, illnesses, attire damage, vendors who fail to show up, liquor liability, gift damage, ring damage, photo damage, and a military spouse’s call to duty.

Having to cancel a wedding is something no couple wants to face. Not only will you be at a major financial loss, but it will cost even more money to hold another wedding ceremony to replace the one that was called off.

After the Wedding

While your focus is on preparing for the bid day, make sure you and your spouse are prepared for a life together. Before or after you get married, make sure you talk to one of our licensed agents right away so we can give you both the proper coverage you need.

Life Insurance

This is incredibly important insurance for married couples, especially if neither you or your spouse currently have a life insurance policy. In the event either of you unfortunately pass away, one of you will have to foot the expensive funeral bills. Plus, if kids are in the future, then you’ll be leaving them financially insecure too. A life insurance policy provides ease of mind and security for your family when you can’t be there. It protects them from debt and other expenses.

Automobile Insurance

If you and your future spouse own automobiles, you probably have an automobile insurance policy. However, now that you’re getting married, it’s important to see your options with our insurance agency. We promise to find you the best coverage for the best price. We will work with your budget and work to find coverage that fits your individual needs. Don’t drive around underinsured, start your new life together free from worry.

Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Chances are you’re going to live together after marriage, and whether you’re getting your first apartment or your first home, you need to protect your living space. Renters insurance is quite affordable and helps to protect items inside your apartment in the event something happens to them. Typically, landlords only have insurance that protects the actual apartment building, not the contents inside. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep your items protected.

Homeowners insurance is much different than renters insurance, and covers your family in the event of a fire, burglary, natural disaster, liability, and much more. A homeowners policy can be customized to fit the homeowners lifestyle, and can protect them from common liabilities on the property such as, pools, trampolines, and even animals.

We also recommend creating a home inventory list which can be easily stored right through our mobile app. In the unfortunate event your items become lost or destroyed, having a home inventory list can make the claims process much easier.

Having the proper insurance for married couples is important as you start your new life together. Simply click the button below to learn more about how our licensed insurance agents can help you and your future spouse prepare for the future.