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  • Post last modified:November 3, 2022
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Helpful tips for first time FedEx route owners

As a small business owner in the FedEx delivery system, you will face many challenges to grow your business. Ever wondered how many people choose to run their own FedEx route business?  These days, FedEx is the go-to provider when it comes to delivering important documents and other big packages.  So if you want to get any money out of your investment in this business, you need to be on top of your game.  But how do you start a FedEx route business?  Here are some useful tips that you can use when starting out.

Increase Your Knowledge:

Every business demands time and dedication in running it and learning its ropes. Even if you don’t know anything about the FedEx route business, there are various resources through which you can learn and hone your skills. There are hundreds of books, podcasts, online courses, and other training material available for you to go through and increase your knowledge in the FedEx route business.

You can also do an internship with someone already doing this for some time to get hands-on practical experience (pay them to be an intern if you have to, the knowledge you’ll gain will be worth every penny).

Automate Everyday Operations: 

You should consider automating your daily operations. The biggest benefit of automating your operations is reducing human errors and saving your precious time and energy for more important things.

Everything from route planning to keeping time records, scheduling drivers, managing finances, and assigning package trucks can be automated using various AI-based software like enterprise resource management.

Train Your Drivers:

Your FedEx route business heavily relies on the drivers; they can either make or break it. They’re the ones hustling hard out there, hitting the roads for long hours, forcing themselves to sit behind the wheel and make deliveries even when their body starts to ache.

You need to find the top talent by having a solid recruitment program in place. Also, be sure to offer a competitive salary, incentives, and other benefits to retain your drivers and ensure the business runs smoothly, especially during seasonal peaks like holidays when drivers run off to the best payers.

Have an Excellent Customer Support:

It is crucial to have excellent customer support. Your customers will rely on you for the timely delivery of their packages, and the quality of your service will reflect in their satisfaction rating. Customers tend to be very particular about their packages, and they expect nothing but the best.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that not only their packages arrive at the destination safely but also they get professional and polite service from your drivers.

Get Insurance:

No matter how good you get at managing and running your FedEx route business and how many happy customers you have, logistics business is bound to have a few accidents here and there because it involves trucks driving through traffic packed roads.

So to ensure your drivers and your business stays protected if any accident occurs, you need to have a solid FedEx insurance protection in place. We at Paradiso Insurance offer top-notch coverage to new and experienced route businesses; call us at 860-684-5270 to discuss your safety needs.