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If you’ve ever had a furry friend, you understand that they’re so much more than “just a pet.” Animals form a special bond with us and become part of our families. Additionally, our insurance agency carries the message of “Adopt, Don’t Shop” because we believe it’s important to give back to animals in need.

The fact of the matter is that many people buy puppies or purebred dogs from breeders or pet shops. However, many dogs purchased through breeders or shops are often neglected and raised in poor conditions. Buyers mistakenly purchase dogs with various diseases, health problems, and support the cycle of breeding animals purely for profit.

Moreover, by adopting rather than shopping you’re supporting the various people who put in time and effort to care for animals in need. You’re also providing a wonderful life to an animal who may have not had one to begin with. Adopting a pet is not just an act of kindness, it’s a mutual commitment to happiness.

If you’re looking to adopt, Our Companions Animal Rescue is a wonderful sanctuary dedicated to the care of a variety of animals and is a great place to start the search for your new friend. PetFinder, is also a great place to find pets who need homes in your local area.

Fostering an animal is also a great way to form that special bond many of us have with pets. Additionally, if you can’t afford to keep an animal permanently, becoming a pet foster parent is a great way to help an animal in need, while also improving your quality of life. The Connecticut Humane Society as well as various other animal shelters provide programs to become a temporary pet parent.

Having a pet, like a dog is also a great way to fulfill some of your goals you set for 2017! Dogs can help you in a variety of ways such as being physically and mentally fit.

Motivation for Exercise

Are you still struggling this New Year to find motivation to get in shape? Look no further, with a dog by your side you’ll be forced to go outside and play with them every day. Dogs need to go out for exercise just like yourself. Therefore, they are great motivators for jogging, swimming, hiking, walking, or just being active in the park. In fact, dog owners exercise at least 30 minutes more a week than non-dog owners. So, if you’re looking to get in shape this year, drop the treadmill and adopt a dog instead.

New Ways to Socialize

Dogs are a great way to meet new people, and make new friends. Whether you suffer from social anxiety or just want to connect with new people, dogs offer a great way to do this. Dogs offer something to talk about with other dog owners and dog lovers. They also provide motivation for people to be active together. Moreover, unless the person has an allergy or fear of dogs (which it’s always important to ask beforehand) your pooch will be an excellent ice breaker when getting to know someone!


If you’re hit with the winter blues or are stuck indoors for a few days because of a blizzard, having a pet around can help keep your spirits up in the winter months. In fact, playing with or petting an animal can help you reduce a variety of mental health ailments you may feel when it gets colder outside. Having a dog will help you reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and various other problems you may be dealing with. In fact, a study found that Alzheimer’s patients have reduced stress and triggers when an animal is around them.

They’re also great companions to fight loneliness. Many owners talk to their dogs and nothing is better to come home to a wagging tail and wet kisses if you’ve had a bad day!

Senior Pets Need Love

When adopting a dog, many people skip over older ones. However, just because an animal is older doesn’t mean they can’t keep you active or lively. Many people adopt puppies because they’re very active and cute, but this comes at a disadvantage to many shelters who provide care to older dogs. Some may go months without finding a place to call home, so it’s important to adopt the animals that need it most. It’s a great feeling to know you were able to give an older dog the best years of their life. 

So, remember if you’re looking to include a furry friend in your future, please consider adoption.