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Many of us who live in Stafford Springs knew the restaurant between the forked intersection of route 190 and Orcuttville Road as Chelle’s 50s Car Hop Diner. Yet, Chelle’s Diner had come to a close. This left many of us wondering where we would go to grab a quick bite to eat and catch up with friends.

However, news quickly spread about a buyout and a new owner taking over, and within months Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen became the new face of Stafford Springs.

We even had a chance to stop into Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen to check out there new establishment!

The owner Kim has been courteous during this transition because, for the most part, she kept everything similar to the 50s Car Hop we knew and loved. The old jukebox as well as pinball machine still stands, and the layout of the restaurant is similar to the old diner.


The booths and much of the furniture also remain, however, everything has just been updated with a cleaner and fresher face. The building also dons a familiar face with vintage Coca-Cola signs, but shines a more relaxed and neutral palette. The facade of the building (which was once a baby blue and bright pink), is now a light gray with a deep red contrast.

The booths are now upholstered with a deep mahogany red, tables have classier chairs, and town pictures are framed throughout the restaurant. Signage and menus have also been updated to reflect the current changes.


In fact, these changes seemingly came for the better. While Chelle’s offered much of the typical eat and go diner fare of burgers and hot dogs, Bonnie-Jean’s offers a diverse variety of breakfast and lunch items.

Kim and her family also strive to prepare everything fresh and handmade daily. In fact, their breakfast items include handmade cinnamon rolls, muffins (5-6 varieties), as well as home made sausage and gravy biscuits.

Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen also offers grab and go breakfast options for those on the rush to work in the morning. For $5 (tax included) you can buy a bacon, ham, or sausage breakfast sandwich with coffee. You can also call ahead to place a special order.

For lunch they offer specials daily. They also prepare hand made chili, corn bread, and soups, such as New England Clam Chowder, Stuffed Pepper Soup, and Chicken Tortellini. Not to mention their corned beef hash specialty is made out of a giant brisket that is cooked over a 12 hour period every single day!

Kim’s husband Scott and their kids also play a huge role in how the restaurant functions. Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen is completely family owned, which rings a familiar tune in our town. In fact, the majority of the shops and businesses here are completely family owned and operated.

With this being said, we are very excited to welcome Kim and her family into our little bustling town.

Bonnie-Jean’s Kitchen is open everyday from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm and can be reached by phone at (860) 851-9595 or by email Don’t forget to like them on Facebook or check-in when you’re there!

Bonnie-Jean’s is located at 107 West Stafford RD, Stafford Springs, CT. So, if you’re ever in the area, stop in and grab some homemade breakfast or lunch. There’s no better way to start your day than a hearty meal from the local hard-working residents of Stafford Springs.