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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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In today’s society, with grocery stores on every corner, it can be easy to forget where the food you eat really comes from. That apple you at with lunch that you bought at Big Y or Walmart, still had to come from a farmer somewhere in the world. It’s easy to take for granted the amount of energy and effort it takes to grow enough food to sustain our economies. 


The world gets more technologically advanced every day, and it’s easy for every commodity to be in competition with others of the sort. In this race to be the best, at times, we forget what is more important – the people behind the brands. Perhaps this is why farming isn’t paid the same attention by the younger generations. They don’t realize its importance. Farmers’ efforts allow people of all social classes access to nutritional foods. 

Without an expert looking after our vital energy source – food – our resource will dwindle rapidly. 


Another important feat here is to understand why it’s important to shop local. In the United States, you can find an assortment of food from different parts of the world quite easily. Yet, the value, nutrition, and feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when shopping local are incomparable. Here is why you should be shopping locally

A big farm stand with a bunch of pumpkins.

The freshness and the taste 

Locally grown foods and crops are handled with care. Your local farmers don’t care about international competition; they care about you. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, without any added chemicals and preservatives, and hence are excellent for your health. your local produce also has a timeframe of 2024 hours, making it fresher and tastier than the ones in the supermarket. 

Investing in the economy directly

We have already talked about how farmers are vital to the community. Shopping locally will enable you to invest your money in your home, and you’ll be strengthening your community. 

According to research, only 18 cents of every dollar, when buying at a large supermarket, go to the farmer. The rest goes to the middlemen. Why not give all the money to those who work tirelessly for you? 

Knowing what you’re eating 

Local – the word itself provides a sense of personal belonging. Perhaps you don’t personally know the story of an apple you buy from your local market, but you do the story of some fruits and vegetables. You are always in the loop about what you’re buying. This helps you pick and choose your own food and the story behind it instead of eating just about anything! 

Seasonal know-how 

Buying local helps you get a taste of all the seasons and their freshness. Fall is just around the corner and is incomplete without the fall produce such as Pumpkins, apples, grapes, pears, and leafy vegetables. This year, support your local farmer and his hard work by buying your fall produce from your local farmer. 

At Paradiso Insurance, we are big on supporting our local community. Here, we realize that any country, state, or community cannot progress if they don’t support the locals. This is why our Partners Program is ranked among the best. We help you connect with the best local companies to work with so that the web of interconnectivity and local relations can increase in a sound, constructive environment. 

This year, remember to shop local by buying your fall produce from your local markets and become a part of something great – helping the local community thrive.