Taking Note of Your Personal Inventory
  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:renters insurance

If you’re like a multitude of homeowners or renters, you probably have your space filled with things you’ve bought over the years. Additionally, these items are important to you, otherwise they wouldn’t be in a space like your home.

You’ve taken years collecting certain figurines or items that have value to you. Maybe your home is filled with expensive electronics or jewelry. No matter the case, if you own valuables, it’s important to protect them.

Electronics laying on a table.

For example, if a robbery in your home occurred right now, would you be able to tell the police the exact details and value of the item? What about multiple items? If you don’t have this information easily available to you, you could be at a serious loss.

Even if you have homeowners or renters insurance the best thing you can do is take inventory of all of the items you own, especially ones you’ve invested a lot into. It can be time consuming to keep track and record all of the things you own. However, in the case of a natural disaster or theft having record of everything is important.

Plus, how can you physically document that you own all of these items?

Simple, by using our Insurance Agent app. First, you’ll need to grab your smartphone and download the Insurance Agent app from either the Apple or Google Play store. Once the app has installed, you’ll need to register as a new user. Simply input your email and password you’ll remember, and then select “Paradiso Insurance” under the list of insurance agencies. Next, you’ll need to select the agent you work with, and then you’ll be brought to the home screen.

A screenshot of the home screen of the insurance agent app.

To start an inventory list, simply tap the Property tab at the bottom. To add items in your home, you’ll need to take a photo first, so enable your smartphone’s permissions with the app. Once you take a picture of the item and tap “use photo”, you’ll be brought to an item detail screen. There you can add more pictures (this is great for different angles or serial numbers) and add important detailed information about the item, such as the name, model, manufacturer, original cost, year it was bought, etc. This is extremely helpful in claim based situations where the model number or price of an item is needed.  

A screenshot of the insurance agent app at the item page.

Additionally, the Insurance App property tool allows you to assign items to different rooms and categories. This makes organization easy, and let’s you focus on one room at a time, so you don’t miss any items. You don’t necessarily need to put everything you have in your home into the app. Things like clothing, paintings, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, electronics, and furniture are expensive, so if something were to happen to those items tomorrow, would you be able to replace them?

Screenshot of the insurance agent app.

Once you’re done with your personal inventory or a room, you can email yourself a copy of the PDF to print or keep digitally. You can also share the inventory list with us. Simply tap “email me report PDF” or “share report with agent” to in the property screen. The Insurance Agent app also allows you to edit and change your inventory as need be.

A screenshot of the insurance agent app.

Of course, anything can happen to your smartphone and unfortunately it can become broken, lost, or damaged. In the event this happens, your home’s inventory will still be available. This is because our app is connected to a cloud based server that backs up information every time data is changed or added to it. So, if you accidentally drop your phone or break it, all won’t be lost.

If you still haven’t downloaded our app, it’s a must if you plan to take record of any personal property you own.