• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We’re currently seeing an increase of Americans opting to rent homes as oppose to owning them. At the end of 2010, 66.5% of U.S. households owned their homes, down from 69% at the end of 2005. As more people are choosing temporary stays and adhering to paying rent to landlords, the need for a specialized policy for renters insurance is increasing. If you rent a home, condo or apartment it is important for you that you treat it like you would if you owned it.
You just bought a brand new laptop that you absolutely love. You take it with you wherever you go, always having it either locked in the trunk of your car or in your possession at a friend’s house or coffee shop. One night, however, you decide that it’s fine to simply leave it on your bed while you go out to eat with some coworkers. When you get back, you find your computer missing. Realizing it’s been stolen, you go to your landlord, but he can do nothing but say “Sorry, your loss.”

You invite your friends over for a dinner party and they bring a long a couple people they know from elsewhere. The night is going great; good food, good wine, good discussion, and as one of your guests gets up to get a drink, they trip on a loose floorboard and injure their head, causing a minor concussion. This person decides to file a lawsuit against you for damages.

Without renter’s insurance, you’d have to pay hundreds of more dollars for another computer and possibly thousands in legal fees throughout the lawsuit. Do you really want any of these to happen to you?

At our agency we provide affordable and reliable renters insurance in CT for people who understand the risks involved in renting property. Although you may think you’re safe under your landlord’s insurance, you are mistaken and it is crucial to give yourself the proper amount of coverage. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the right track!