Partners of Paradiso: Foundation and Septic Solutions

Foundation issues? Crumbling foundations? Septic Issues? Or, are you simply in need of routine septic system maintenance? We know just the business that can help you out… Introducing our partner, Foundation and Septic Solutions out of Ellington, CT!

Foundation and Septic Solutions was founded in 2016 by a very close friend of Paradiso Insurance’s, named Don Flint. They take great pride in their work, and provide a professional and local service to all of their clients. We’ve been long time friends with Don, and we can say first hand that you can trust him wholeheartedly to get the job done, and he’s great to work with too!

After thirty years in the septic industry, Don decided to open up Foundation and Septic Solutions. Don had 3 family members with crumbling foundations, and there were few solutions in sight.  With 40 years of contracting experience and 30 years of excavation experience, it was time to find a new way to help them. With additional experience in septic, sewer, water, and waterproofing, Flint knew he could bring a quality service to those who are suffering with similar problems.   With such a tremendous need for solutions in this field, Don brings both passion and compassion into this business.

Just check out these photos of some of their work!

Their services include pumping septic systems, real-estate inspections, and more, which you can learn about here. They can also handle fire and water damage, and more. 

Our partner is located at 27 Muddy Brook Road, Ellington, CT and their phone number is 860-924-8123. Reach out to them today for the very best in local service, or click the banner below to visit them online to learn more.


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