With the incredible pace that technology is growing, the threat of cyber attack on your small business also grows.  If your business is a service business, like a law or accountant firm, then you’re especially prone to cyber attacks because you hold precious information about not only you and your employees, but your clients as well.  This information can be very dangerous in the hands of criminals, that’s why having the best firewall, and Hartford Business Insurance are a most!

 So what exactly will this type of insurance cover in the event that your firewall is breached? Here’s a breakdown of the coverage:

-legal and forensic services

-crisis management and public relations

-notification expenses

-services for impacted individuals

Imagine the horror when you realize that your business has been hacked, and now the data that you’ve been holding securely about your clients are in the hands of someone else.  Gone are social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit scores, IRS and tax information, etc.  These are extremely important pieces of information that should never be made public, so if your business is subject to a cyber-attack, a business nightmare can ensue. 

So in case your small business gets hacked, you’ll have the right type of ct insurance that will enable you to take the necessary steps in righting the wrongs, without having to spend precious your business’s precious time and money.  Give Paradiso Insurance a call today and ask about this coverage if you’re a small business that holds large amounts of information and data for your clients… you’ll be happy you did!