Shop Small, Shop Local!

Did you know that every time you make the decision to shop small or shop local, you are investing in your local community? Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are huge believers of investing in our local community here in Stafford Springs, which is why we wanted to tell you about all the benefits of shopping local. Here is exactly what happens when you make the decision to shop small and keep your business within your community.

Investing in your Community

Yes, when you shop small, you are investing your money back into the community. For every $100 you spend shopping local, $68 will stay in your community. If you shopped at a national change, only $43 would have.

Create more Local Jobs

Keeping more small businesses afloat means there will be more local opportunities for the community’s residents. Local businesses are better at creating higher paying jobs for the people, so when you shop local, remember that you are creating opportunities for others.

Help the Environment

When you shop small from a locally owned business, much less resources are consumed in comparison to shopping a national retailer. Less energy is used, and less fuel and packaging is consumed from transporting goods.

Conserve Tax Dollars

Shopping small means that there is less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money available for your local community. Spending your money locally will ensure that your sales tax dollars are invested where they should be, right within your community!

How we Support Shopping Small and Local

Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are huge supporters in shopping small and locally. We are always encouraging folks to shop small and shop local as well, because we believe in investing in our small town here in Stafford Springs. In fact, that’s exactly why we started the “Partners of Paradiso,” a program that shines light on local businesses to attract more visitors! If your business is interested in becoming one of our partners, click the link below to learn more (and don’t forget, it’s free!).