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Have you ever pictured what your community would look like without small businesses? We don’t like the picture either! That’s why we promote shopping locally within our community. That barbershop that relies on the local community to engage in their business? It would have to shut it’s doors if we all went to Great Clips. The local fruit market? Gone. Your community’s small boutique store? Out of business. Shop local because you’re a citizen of a great land where people rely on each other to progress. Shop local because your community relies on you. Shop local because your community has always put you first, now it’s time for you to pay back. 

Need more reasons to shop local?

More importantly, when you shop local, you: 

  • You get better customer service. 
  • Promote more jobs since most new jobs are provided by local businesses
  • Reduces the environmental impact 
  • Local business owners invest in the community.
  • Competition and diversity lead to more consumer choices.

This Saturday lets shop local, together – you and I – us. Let’s give back to the community that has given us love, care, support, respect, and happiness. We’re in this together. 

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Improve Connecticut’s Economy 

When you shop local, your money remains in the community. “In fact, one Chicago study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer.” Local businesses support other local businesses and as a result, it is your community that thrives. 

Chain retail businesses such as Walmart aren’t interested in your community. All they want to do is make a profit and do so with the least amount of overhead possible. These corporate establishments take money out of your community, and none is spent towards the betterment or support of the locals.

A Personal Touch 

Local business owners know the locality and have an exact idea of what you might need. Having the owner close by additionally implies that the owner actually knows their clients. They know the items you purchase or the administrations you demand consistently and can tailor administrations to make your experience far superior. 

Buying local has benefits past simple know-how of the basics. These people are those who will go the extra mile to help you and ensure that your problems and demands are being taken care of. Plus, shopping local will give you access to things that are unique to the area you live in. These things won’t be seen in a large chain store. 

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Your lifestyle 

Yes, buying local improves your lifestyle. It can help you and your family lead a healthier, fresher life. Going to the local farmer’s market will get in some physical exercise. Plus, your local farms produce fresher ingredients that are packaged with tons of preservatives. Locally grown foods and crops are handled with care. Your local farmers don’t care about international competition; they care about you. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, without any added chemicals and preservatives, and hence are excellent for your health. Your local produce also has a time frame of 20-24 hours, making it fresher and tastier than the ones in the supermarket. 

The Takeaway

We are a local insurance agency and rely on the community, just like any other business. Perhaps, that is why we understand our community and the need to shop locally better than anyone else. Our Commercial Insurance helps small-town businesses to the fullest and keeps them secure. We know that by standing by our local businesses and helping protect them, protects our business too. That’s why at Paradiso Insurance, we look at small businesses as a team. And we all must play our parts.

We are playing our part; now, are you ready to play yours? Shop locally today!