Shop Small Businesses This Saturday

small businesses on main streetNovember 29 is Small Business Saturday. While it is not always possible to purchase everything you need locally, you should try to support small businesses whenever you can. There are many benefits you can potentially reap from shopping from a small business. Below are some of those benefits:

Support Community Groups
You will be supporting community groups by shopping from a small business. Non-profit organizations receive much more support from small businesses than they do from big corporations. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple way to give back to your community, then you should definitely consider shopping from a small business.

Protect The Environment
Small businesses are able to make more purchases locally. As a result of this, they do not have to travel as much as bigger businesses. Small businesses help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. This helps protect the environment.

Make Sure Your Tax Dollars Are Going To Good Use
Most people complain about the rising taxes. However, if you support small businesses in your area, then you will be able to rest assured that the money is going to good use. The money that small businesses pay to the local government goes toward things like public parks, sidewalks, and roads. This money can also go towards funding more service workers, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers.

Help Create Jobs
Small businesses help create jobs for people in the area. This is another way small businesses help support the local economy. Furthermore, people typically get better service at a small business in their area than they would get at a large business. Many small business owners are friends with people in the area. It is a lot easier for one to provide great customer service if he or she knows the people personally.