The Difference Between a Cargo Van and a Box Truck
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If you are in the business of selling items, you know that it is important to have a way to transport your goods. Box trucks and cargo vans are two types of vehicles used to transport items. In a commercial market, a box truck and a cargo van are often confused with each other.

Nevertheless, the difference between a box truck and a cargo van is clear. They are used if you need to transport something, but they differ in several ways. A box truck is used for the transportation of large boxes, while a cargo van is used for transporting goods. Read on to know more about both of them

Why Do We Call them “Box” Trucks and “Cargo” Vans? 

A box truck is used to transport goods that are too big to be transported in a regular van. The term “box” comes from the fact that these vehicles have a box-shaped structure. They are usually used by companies that specialize in moving bulky items from one place to another, like moving companies. This is because they can carry more items at the same time as compared to regular vans. That is why they need special boxes to transport them. Box trucks are also used by companies that sell bulky appliances, fridges, or furniture.

A cargo van is used to transport small items like boxes, luggage, or other items that are not very big. They are typically used mostly by service providers who need their gear/equipment transported with them, such as plumbers, locksmiths, and mechanics, and also FedEx parcel delivery providers. This is because it is easier and cheaper to carry items in a van than in a box truck, which has more space than needed for these purposes.

What are the Key Differences Between Cargo Van and Box Trucks?

Box Truck:

  • The box truck is heavier than a cargo van
  • Box truck has one door on each side, while the cargo van has two doors on each side
  • Box truck is typically wider and higher, which means it has more space than the cargo van
  • Box trucks have flat sides that offer a great advertising opportunity
  • Box trucks usually have a flatbed and tailgate

Cargo Vans:

  • Cargo vans are usually cheaper than box trucks
  • Cargo vans have a driver and a passenger seat, while the box truck has only one door and one seat
  • Cargo van is longer than the box truck 
  • Cargo vans usually have an opening between the cargo area and the driver area, while the box truck does not have this feature
  • Cargo vans have a low-hanging roof, while box truck has a high-hanging roof 

Over to You:

Box trucks and cargo vans are both designed to transport heavy loads, but they’re quite different from each other. If you have a business that doesn’t move bulky items, then a cargo van will work best for you. 

On the other hand, if you need to transport large loads or haul several types of goods at once, then a box truck is probably the better choice for your needs.


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