Okay, so we obviously know that connecting tailgating and insurance coverage is a bit of a stretch, but follow us on this, we’ll make the connection we promise. One of our staff members at Paradiso Insurance had the great pleasure of attending a college football game in the great state of Florida over this past weekend, and while he had a fantastic time, he also thought about the different ways in which something could happen and result in an insurance claim- yes, we’re that dedicated to our jobs people!

So this is by no means suppose to be a downer blog, but more of a ‘heads up’ blog to make sure that all of us who are tailgating for the big game will do it safely.  So what then can occur at a tailgate and involve insurance? Well a lot in fact.

  • Obviously if you’re a prime time tailgater, then chances are you’ll have a grill going.  Now while you may be the grill master, just make sure that you have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that your grill is safe and the threat of a fire is as low as possible.
  • Make sure you’re on your toes when entering and exiting the lot.  I can’t tell you how many times I saw cars get hit with errant footballs or Frisbees.   Make sure that if your car is hit, you’re driving slow enough to not cause an accident and further damage your car.
  • And what would a tailgate be without a few tasty beverages? As adult drinks seem to be everywhere at a tailgate, make sure that there’s a designated driver for anyone that’s drinking.  And don’t even think about the old ” I’ll have a lot now and sober up during the game” attitude… not even once my friends!

So make sure that if you’re tailgating this weekend, to do it safely and responsibly! Ensure that all your bases are covered, and then uncover that grill, crank up the generator, and pull out the bean bag toss!