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  • Post last modified:January 22, 2021
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As far as we’re concerned, every month, you should take time out to care for your vehicle and perform regular maintenance. Trust us, this will not only help you save a ton of money and headache down the road, but will also increase the efficiency of your vehicle. However, we also that life has become fast paced – almost too fast. In the midst of this chaos, it is easy to forget about minuscule tasks such as vehicular maintenance. That’s why at Paradiso insurance, we consider our April the national car care month. Get your tools out and get your car tuned to the brim!

Why is car care important?

Caring for your car and its upkeep is important for a multitude of reasons. Doing so will increase and increase the safety provided by your vehicle, improve its performance by a whole lot, will save you money on repairs down the road, will help you save thousands of dollars in fuel money, will save you time, and more importantly, it will keep the depreciating value of your car down to a minimum.

Everyone in living in Connecticut and otherwise should take auto repair and maintenance services very seriously as no one wants to lose money which they can save with time and effort. Neither does anyone want their car to suddenly give out on them in the middle of the road. Caring for your car all year around, and specifically in April will save you from all the potential hassle you can encounter with your car.

How to take care of your car?

Most people don’t take care of their car simply because they’re not aware how to. Fear not! Whether you’re a first time car owner or have been driving for a long time, we have gathered a few tips for you that can help you with taking care if your car in a more effective way.

Shielding the windshields

Most people overlook windshields and their maintenance. Please don’t become one of them. A dirty and grimy windshield is a safety hazard because it distracts your attention from the road and obscures your vision. So, it is advisable to give it a regular, thorough cleaning.

For this, you can use the spongy part of the gas station squeegee, soak the whole windshield with the cleaning fluid, then starting from the middle wipe your shield clean. Be sure to use clean equipment and clean supplies because otherwise, you’ll leave smears on your screen.

Tidying up the tires

Checking your tire pressure regularly and maintaining its levels is perhaps the most important part of car care. Check them regularly to decrease your chances of a blow-out. Plus, tires with the correct pressure have a longer life and increase your fuel efficiency.

The oil levels

We cannot stress this enough! Check your oil on a regular basis. The oil in your car is essential to your its performance. Its most important job is to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine so they don’t grind and tear themselves into dysfunction.

You can easily see how to do it on the manual or a YouTube video.

At Paradiso insurance, we care about your finances, true. But more importantly, we care about you. You should be on top of your car game, at least in April. However, caring for your car is not a substitute for auto-insurance. Make sure you have that area covered too!