Summer Car Maintenance Tips
  • Post last modified:April 22, 2020
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The summer heat has an effect on all of us, and can even affect your vehicle. Here are some vehicle maintenance tips to keep your car performing well, even in triple digit temperatures.

Summer Car Maintenance Tip #1. Check your tires.

The air pressure in your vehicle’s tires change over time, but even more so in hot weather. Therefore, it’s important to check the tires’ PSI on a very hot day. Having the right amount of air in your tires can prevent them from going flat or bursting.

Summer Car Maintenance Tip #2. Keep an eye on the cooling system.

Vehicle engines have to work hard in the hot weather, and if you have to park your vehicle in an unshaded area, the engine may be much more susceptible to overheating. To prevent this, make sure the engine fluids are topped, there are no cracks in the air hoses, and schedule a routine vehicle maintenance check up with your mechanic.

Additionally, if your vehicle does overheat, be sure to pull it over on the side of the road and call for assistance if need be.

Summer Car Maintenance Tip #3. Keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system maintained.

Air conditioning is a modern luxury many of us use, and when it’s not working in your vehicle it can be quite uncomfortable.

Even worse, those who are sensitive to the heat, like the elderly or infants, may become susceptible to risks such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Therefore, it’s important to not only keep your air conditioning system well maintained for your comfort, but for the safety of other passengers in your vehicle as well.

Summer Car Maintenance Tip #4. Get a fresh set of wipers.

If you haven’t already, make sure your vehicle has a new pair of windshield wipers installed. Summer isn’t always about the heat, but the rain too. If your wipers aren’t functioning properly this can cause a serious safety problem on the road, because your visibility will be very limited.

Windshield wipers can become worn over time, especially if you live in an area with extreme seasonal conditions. Vehicle maintenance isn’t only about the larger components of your automobile, so be sure to get your vehicle’s wipers properly replaced to prevent risk during a rainstorm.

Summer Car Maintenance Tip #5. Have an emergency kit.

This may not directly relate to vehicle maintenance, but we recommend that every driver have some sort of emergency kit in their vehicle all year round. Even if you actively maintain your vehicle, anything can go wrong on the road, and we would hate to see any of our customers go through the stress of a vehicle breakdown or other emergency without the proper tools available.

Therefore, if you don’t have an emergency kit, now is the time to get one, because anything can happen on the road.

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