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  • Post last modified:November 3, 2022
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Ways Safety Services can protect your business

Businesses are now inundated with more than before, susceptible to increased risks that could potentially ruin them in no time. Businesses without proactive protective measures are exposed to various perils, from pandemics and natural disasters to cyberattacks, logistics disruptions, and even employee thefts. With that in mind, it’s important to take it seriously. To help you protect your business from such risks, here are some ways safety services can be useful:

  • Workplace Hazard Identification: Since risk assessment is the first step in any safety program, a safety services team will assess the business, its location, and its operations to identify all possible risks that exist. Every business operates in ways that are unique to its industry and internal goals; it might use some machines, layouts, chemicals, equipment, operations, and more that can be a hazard. Safety services experts visit business places, identify any risk associated with these hazards, and perform loss analysis if these hazards are not made safer.
  • Existing Safety Program Evaluation: Businesses typically have safety programs in place that safeguard their workforce and assets. However, without a safety expert’s input on the optimization of these programs, work-related accidents and other risks might have a higher chance of occurring. A safety services team will evaluate the existing safety programs and find areas that need improvement (if any). They can also provide safety training material, including videos, quizzes, plans, and presentations if a business wants to take a DIY route.
  • Safety Recommendations: Once the safety services team assesses the risks, it will provide recommendations on eliminating, reducing, or mitigating them, depending on the business’s needs. A safety services team will suggest and implement the most appropriate strategies for the business. Safety services can also conduct audits to check if the business complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and other industry standards. These audits can help the business identify any risk and take steps to avoid or minimize such risks.
  • Business Insurance: Businesses that do not have a safety program in place may need a safety program that is covered by commercial insurance. Businesses can choose from a wide range of insurance solutions, including Workplace Safety and Health Insurance Plans, General Liability Insurance, and Business Auto Insurance. Depending on the risks they face, a business can opt for a comprehensive or specific type of insurance plan. A comprehensive plan provides cover for all risks, while a specific plan covers only the risks that are relevant to the business.

Over to You:

Do you believe your business place needs to be secured? What do you think is the best way to approach a safety services engagement? If you are not sure or believe your business place needs to be evaluated for safety hazards, you need safety services.

Furthermore, getting commercial insurance is a MUST for every business as it protects you from most perils that may arise (which will arise even if you’ve gotten safety services). So if you have any questions regarding the business safety of commercial coverage, feel free to contact Paradiso Insurance by calling at 860-684-5270.