Flood Insurance: Keeping You Out of Deep Water

  • Post last modified:April 23, 2020
  • Post Category:flood insurance

 Water is one of the most powerful forces on our planet.  Every year, millions of dollars in damages are caused by floods.  With flood insurance, your business or home is covered.  The structure itself and even the contents inside are covered under your policy.  Although generally not included in your average flood insurance policy, some policies can be expanded to include loss of business and wreckage clearance.  People who live near a river or lake are especially vulnerable to flooding.  Even houses on a relatively average looking road can be flooded.  Flood insurance is nothing compared to the cost of repairs for a flooded structure can be astronomical.   Don’t be fooled by the low price: floods are more common than your think.  Don’t put your business or home in deep water.  Call Chris Paradiso at 800.660.2991 or visit our website for a free quote.

– The Paradiso Team