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April is upon us, and that means spring is finally here! Yes, we’re all happy to finally be out of the long winter season we have had this year, but there are still a few things to be cautious about with the change of weather. We’ve all heard the saying: “April showers bring… May flowers!” But that is not the whole truth. April showers also bring about flooding concerns!

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Flooding Hazards

With a heavy amount of thunderstorms and ensuing rain around this time of year, the flooding risk for your property is exponentially increased. Whether at home or your business, the potential for excess rain flow to seep through a weak foundation should be taken seriously. What can happen from flooding? Not only can a flood be an inconvenience or a safety hazard, but it can also cause terrible and costly damage to your property, including compromising the integrity of the foundation and condemning the entire building structure to no longer be fit for use. Floods are dangerous, so don’t take flooding concerns lightly!

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance coverage is not included in a basic commercial property package or homeowners insurance policy. As a matter of fact, financial coverage for the results of flooding—whether damage or injury—is not at all guaranteed, which is why purchasing a flood insurance policy is so important. The damage done by a flood can be crippling to your finances, not to mention the liability a flood can cause is enough to give anyone more than just a headache.

April is a beautiful time of year, and the showers we get will certainly bring May flowers… but Connecticut residents should also be cautious about flooding hazards this month. Homeowners interested in learning more about flood insurance coverage for their homes can contactParadiso Insurance by calling [astPhone] today! *