• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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images (19)Well it seems like Old Man Winter is finally behind us… at least according to the calendar.  The weather itself may be a different story, as it seems the weather can’t break out of the forties.  Now even though today is suppose to get into the fifties, if you check the forecast, there’s temps in the thirties and a chance of snow this weekend! Where is the sun and sixties?! It’s been so cold for so long! I mean I want to break out the grill already!

But in any event, one of the major things to be aware of as a homeowner when the calendar turns to spring is flooding.  Because if you think about it, all that snow up north in Vermont and New Hampshire is eventually going to melt, and that water has to go somewhere.  The rivers and streams will start to rise, and if you live in a flood zone area, then chances are you’re at risk.  But hopefully you’re a smart and cautious homeowner and have Hartford Flood Insurance!

Now while everyone should have solid ct home insurance, not all types of risks to your home (like flood waters) are covered by your homeowners policy.  That’s why there is Hartford Flood InsuranceFlood insurance is actually backed by the federal government and is available for all homeowners, businesses, and renters.  The policy covers your home, apartment, or office building from flood and/or water damage that may be caused from an overflowing river nearby, heavy rains, or flash floods.

So while the calendar says March 21st, and you’re probably chomping at the bit to break out the grill and patio furniture, make sure that you have solid and reliable Hartford flood insurance incase this spring brings with it heavy rain, rising tides, or overflowing rivers.