images (17)As  we enter the first full week of spring, it seems fitting that there is a substantial amount of snow in the forecast for the middle of the week.  Hey, it’s New England! But I think it’s safe to say that we all are tired of the snow and cold and are eagerly anticipating the true and real arrival of warm weather.  Just wait though, before you know it, it’ll be 90 degrees and we’ll be complaining once more.

In any event though, this is the prime season for flooding, as with warmer weather brings melting snow and rising rivers.  Furthermore, the storms that brought us plenty of snow in the winter with bring us plenty of soaking rain this spring, so flooding should be on the mind of any and all CT homeowners insurance policy holders.  More importantly, considering Hartford flood insurance should be on your radar because of the saturation that comes with spring time weather.

Unfortunately though, numerous homeowners ignore getting Hartford flood insurance because they believe the probability of their home experiencing a flood is incredibly low. But the reality of the situation is simple: floods occur more frequently than you may think, and there can be significant damage to your home that is caused by flooding.  But once more, that flood damage will not be covered simply through  CT homeowners insurance.  That’s why Hartford flood insurance is so important. Floodwater can reek havoc on your home’s floors, walls, appliances, and pretty much any and all of your personal valuable items.

Furthermore, another reason to not overlook Hartford flood insurance is the fact that the policy usually takes about thirty days to kick in, so if you choose to put off getting a policy for a few weeks, but then a flood happens, you’ll be left high and dry (well, actually you’d be pretty wet).  So don’t delay another day.  Look into a Hartford flood insurance policy today, because you never know what springtime in New England will bring.