We write countless stories here on the Paradiso Insurance blog about various ct insurance policies and circumstances in order to relate this information to you, the customer, who may not know all the ins-and-outs. But the best thing we can do for YOU is to educate, because the more you know, the better off you’ll be… plain and simple.

So in order to change things up here for today, as oppose to telling a story, we’re going to have an actual conversation about insurance, specifically Hartford flood insurance… something anyone who lives in a flood- risk area should have.

Here’s our (fictional but real information) conversation with a homeowner about Hartford flood insurance:

Homeowner: I’ll get flood insurance if the risk level in my area goes up this year.

Little houseAgent: You’ll be out of luck if a storm comes within the next few weeks, because remember-Hartford Flood insurance requires a 30-day wait period for voluntary purchases.

Homeowner: I don’t thin I qualify for flood insurance.

Agent:Everyone can get coverage for flooding… even if you lived in Death Valley!

Homeowner: I already have a homeowners insurance policy, I don’t need flood coverage.

Agent: Oh ouch, you haven’t been paying attention to our past blogs then! Home policies only cover damages caused by falling water…. NOT FLOODING.  Hartford flood insurance is the only policy that can protect you from flooding- period.

Homeowner: I don’t need flood insurance because I’m not located in a flood zone.

Agent: We talked about this last week- there are flooding occurrences in ALL FIFTY STATES!Everyone can use Hartford flood insurance because 25% of flood losses come from homeowners in low risk areas. Everyone is in a flood zone!