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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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April 25th is Administrative Professionals Day, and we wanted to honor Annie today for the important role she holds at Paradiso Insurance.

Annie manages the front desk, and greets everyone who comes in with a smile. Her main responsibilities include answering the phones, greeting each and every customer, assisting with scanning, and helping the insurance agency function.

Annie also assists our customers in getting the correct help based on their insurance needs. Annie is the support between our personal, commercial, and FedEx departments, and without her help, customers may not understand which insurance agents they need to speak to when they have questions.

Administrative Professionals Day was started in 1952, and is formerly known as National Secretaries Day. Secretaries were often given gifts such as flowers, cards, or candies as a way to thank them for everything they do. Of course, overtime secretaries took on more administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, computer work, scheduling events, and email correspondence, hence prompting the name change.

We wanted to wish Annie and all other Administrative Professionals a Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Annie is part of a tight knit team here at Paradiso Insurance, and if you’d like to learn more about everyone does and how they can help you with your insurance needs, simply click the button below to learn more.