• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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One of the biggest moments in anyone’s life is purchasing a home.  We all know that it’s one of the biggest, if not THE biggest investment you’ll make, so when you sign on the dotted line and get those front door keys, it can really be an overwhelming sense of excitement and accomplishment.  But getting to that moment requires a significant amount of financial restraint and discipline in order to have the necessary funds for a good down payment that allows for a manageable monthly payments, a lighter interest rate load, and stellar CT homeowners insurance rates.

Here are some of the tips that we have found over the years that can make a MASSIVE difference during the home buying process:

• Make sure your credit history is in tip top shape at least six months or more before you even venture onto the housing market.

• When you are ready to make an offer on the house you want, be firm that your offer is only good once the home passes a thorough inspection.  There are few things worst in the home buying process than settling on a home, buying it, and then finding some SERIOUS issues with the structure only a few months after move in day.  Could mean an alteration to ct homeowners insurance also.

• Seriously look into a title insurance policy for YOURSELF, not the lender, if any issues arise during this process.

• This is a GREAT tip- do the drive to and from work and the potential new house to see how the commute will be.  If your commute is going to end up being a nightmare, then you may want to rethink things.

• Go look at the house/property during other times of the day and night, and during bad weather i.e. a bad rain storm.  See how the neighborhood is at night time and look to see if the streets are prone to flooding.  Both of these can significantly factor into your ct homeowners insurance.

• Look for homes that are soundly built with GOOD materials.  For example, homes that are built with concrete block tend to be lower on your ct homeowners insurance because of their fire prevention and damage benefits.

We hope you found these few tips as helpful as we have over the years.  Have a great rest of your afternoon!