• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We are always looking to save money here and there, because the more we save, the better off we’ll be for the future.  But sometimes, it’s just plain, ol’ hard to save when so many things require our attention and resources.  One of the things that we can look to save on though are things like ct home insurance.

Now why would we say home insurance? Well, it’s actually quite easy to save a significant amount on your ct homeowners insurance if you’re a smart and responsible homeowner, spender and saver.  Like we said earlier, it can be tough to save, but if you look at the following list of tips, it may be easier to save on your ct home insurance coverage than you may have first realized.

Check out this list below:

A low credit score- if you have a low credit score, than it’s pretty safe to say that you’re pretty darn responsible with your finances, and it’s actually proven fact that individuals with lower credit scores are less at- risk for an insurance claim.

Having a dog- I know, who doesn’t love a little four-legged friend? But unfortunately, almost a third of ALL home insurance claims are a result of dog bites.

Hangin’ by the pool- Again, we all love pools, especially in the hot days of summer.  But they are a serious risk of death or injury (trying our best to not be too morbid), so the insurance cost is going to be more costly.

Plain ol’ bad luck- You could literally be the ideal homeowner, but just a string of bad luck with multiple claims can unfortunately lead to an increase in your premium costs.  It’s just unfortunate but sometimes these things just happen.

Hopefully you don’t fall victim to this above list and have great rates on your ct homeowners insurance!