• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You’ve definitely heard the phrase before- ‘snowbirds’ as they’re most universally called, refers to individuals (usually retired folk) who enjoy the wonders of spring, summer, and autumn up here in New England, but the second the snow starts to fly and the tempts drop below freezing, they head south to place like Florida, just like their avian counterparts to escape the cold.

Little houseWhile this idea appeals to many people once they retire, as I’ll be the first to admit- it’s rather spectacular in Florida around December, January, and February- there are a few things that need to be straightened out with regards to CT homeowners insurance since, well, you’re not going to be ‘living’ in your home up here in Connecticut for a few weeks (or months).

Now the fine print of most CT home insurance policies won’t usually cover a home loss if the home is vacant for longer than two months.

HOWEVER, that vacancy usually refers to a home that is literally vacant- empty- meaning the home doesn’t have a kitchen table, glasses, a couch, chairs, etc.  Since you’re still living in that house, just not for a few months come winter time, you shouldn’t fall victim to any liability loopholes.

The same then goes for your house down south when you’re back up here during the warmer months, so rest assured you should be alright.  If there is ONE thing that we could recommend, it’s this- have a warning system in place at both homes that would detect not only break-ins, but also events like flooding of the first floor or basement caused from a pump issue or something of that nature.