• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So we have finally come to the conclusion of our list of ‘interesting’ items and circumstances that are covered under your CT home insurance policy. We’ve discussed some pretty odd things, but that just goes to show you how versatile and reliable policies are for CT home insurance customers.

So without any more hesitation, here is the final three instances where CT home insurance will come in and help.

9) Basement issues

The only way to explain this one is through a quick story: So basically a homeowner had a tub of bug repellent in their basement, but after a house fire, the bug repellent seeped into the concrete basement. Now not only was this a bug nightmare, it was a human one as well, because that stuff can cause some serious health concerns.  So long story short, the homeowners insurance will cover the costs associated with fixing the problem

10) The green bud

Okay, yes, we’re just going to say it… we’re talking about marijuana.   There was a homeowner who was growing the stuff, and yup… you guessed it, a house fire started because of a malfunctioning heat lamp. While in the state of CT growing marijuana is illegal, it won’t be long until more states probably follow the likes of Colorado and Washington.  Now at first the insurance company in this situation refused to pay the claim because the homeowner was charged with a felony, but after a plea deal and a reduction to a misdemeanor, the insurance company had to pay.  So that means that as this plant becomes less and less scrutinized by the law, more claims will probably occur just like this one.

11) Home safety and security.

Services for your home’s security is covered under CT home insurance, but just verify with us that you’ll qualify. Now this doesn’t mean that the payment for the service is included, that’s on you.  But if something were to happen to the security system itself, that could be covered.