Hail_cloudsWell depending on where you were in Connecticut, or southern New England for that matter, chances are you woke up this morning to some pretty strong wind and rain.  And while this type of weather is pretty standard for spring and summer, it can sure do a number on your house, so that’s why you should be aware of how your CT homeowners insurance is effected by this type of weather, and more specifically, what is and is not covered. 

Water damage is especially tricky when it comes to CT homeowners insurance because of what is and isn’t covered, and when does Hartford flood insurance kick in?  Lots of questions indeed.  The simple answer though is this:was your damage in the home caused by a covered peril such as a storm? For example, your CT homeowners insurance would cover water damage from a rain storm that caused damage to your roof and then the subsequent leaking.  But it would not cover a flooded basement… see the difference??
Remember, CT homeowners insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your home and the contents in it, but remember, only up to a certain amount.  Make sure you check your policy so that you know exactly what your policy covers.