• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Homeowners insurance premiums can caused some pinch within your wallet, however having the right type of policy and knowing what you have covered, can make things a lot easier, and cheaper for you. In order to save as much as possible without sacrificing coverage, here’s some steps to avoid higher rates that you can take”

Clean your roof.
Over time, your roof can produce black or brown discolorations and streaks, which is caused by algae spores floating in the air.  What does this mean? Well the more these deposits pile up, the worse condition your roof can be in.  And what does that mean for CT homeowners insurance? Well a claim for a new roof can run $5,000 to $10,000 or more.
Careful with your keys. 
While having spare keys may be clutch if you’re locked out of your home, they pose a significant threat to the security of your home. A lost set of spare keys could easily lead to a break-in, and theft and vandalism claims can be very costly.  Have a couple robbery claims in a short amount of time, and you’re viewed by the insurance company as a high liability, and your premiums will more than likely skyrocket.
The condition of your home’s paint is a telling sign.
Homes that look alright may in fact be uninsurable because of peeling paint. Why is that? Well, if an inspector observes peeling paint on the home, they’ll become suspicious about the rest of the home’s maintenance.  Small amounts of peeling paint that are caused from a hectic winter can mean higher rates or trouble obtaining coverage.
So if you follow these three relatively simple steps, you could find yourself not only in good standing with the insurance company, but also good financial standing as well, since you won’t be paying high premiums.  It’s amazing how a few little things can end up costing you big when it comes to CT homeowners insurance, but if you know what to look for and what to keep maintained, you’ll be in good shape.