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It’s that time of the year again! Summer is coming to an end and the crisp air of fall is ready and waiting. If you didn’t already know, this is an exciting time of the year for us. “Us” doesn’t only refer to our agency, it means you, too! Every year we take the fulfilling opportunity to give back to our community through our “Reverse Trick or Treat” event, benefiting the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We do this by collecting donations of items for the children which are given to them for Halloween. The children cannot have candy, therefore they are given goodie bags filled with gifts that will put a smile on their face every day. That’s even better than candy, don’t you agree? If you would like to contribute to putting smiles on the faces of these children that cannot leave the hospital to go trick or treating, we have some great donation ideas for you!

Fuel Creativity

Children love to create original pieces of work, and are always very proud to call it their own. Give a child the opportunity to do just this by donating items such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, non-toxic paint, stickers, or a craft kit that includes all of these! A donation like this will make it possible for a child to get his or her thoughts on paper, which can be very therapeutic. It will also give a child an opportunity to make something for someone they love. Like a personalized card to mom or dad!

Give a Friend

Do you remember your favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal as a child? Maybe you even still have it until this day, and would find it impossible to forget the special name you gave it. If this sounds like you, a donation of a small stuffed animal, or even a doll would be a very fulfilling choice. Feel good about giving a child the special gift of a new friend, someone to snuggle up with at night, and a good listener! *Stuffed animals must be  brand new (as in recently purchased, not sitting on a shelf) with tags on , have sewn-on eyes, nose, mouth, be stuffed with poly-filler (not saw dust, or beans, or foam balls).*

Provide a Project

Some children are always looking for something to immerse themselves in. They may get bored easily because they are so good at getting things done. Maybe this was you as a child – pending all day on that one super project, paying attention to every last detail. If you would like to make a donation that would suit this personality type, consider donating a puzzle, jewelry kit, or a lego kit. These gifts will keep a child very engaged, and they will be so proud of their final product!

Fun & Games

Children love fun and games, they also help time go by faster and take their minds off things they may be bothering them. If you want to provide never ending fun to a child consider donations such as costumes, games, or things to play with such as matchbox cars (a huge hit at the hospital).

We look forward to your meaningful donations to our Reverse Trick or Treat for the Connecticut Children’s Hospital. Together, we can make all the difference in the world for a child who isn’t able to participate in the regular Halloween traditions. Make a donation by simply stopping by our office during business hours and dropping off your gift. If you have any questions please contact us.