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Mother’s Day is May 13th, and if you’re wondering what to get mom for her special day, why not give her flowers?

Flowers are a very nice gift for every mom, and if this is something you plan to give her some this year, it can be hard to choose from with all of the different varieties.

Here are the 6 best flowers for Mother’s Day you should consider giving to your mom:


Roses are some of the most cherished flowers and are often used to symbolize love. Roses come in a variety of colors, most commonly in red, pink, white, and yellow. Hybrid roses often contain a mixture of two or more of these colors and create a stunning gradient across the petals.

Roses are highly valued in our society, so expect to pay a higher price for these types of flowers.


Tulips are the face of spring and come in a variety of bright colors such as, purple, violet, pink, red, and even yellow and orange. The bulb shape is familiar to people of all ages, and has a subtle sweet smell.

Tulips are fairly common, and you may even be able to find some growing in the wild, but if you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet this Mother’s Day, it’s best to visit your local florist for rare varieties and colors.


Lilies take on more of a tropical look and come in a variety of exotic shapes with their intricate petals and colors. These flowers would make the perfect gift for moms who are unique and have a love for summer weather.

A forewarning though, if mom has a cat or dog in the home, opt for another type of flower. Lilies are deadly if consumed by cats, and can cause serious sickness in dogs.


Daffodils are another flower many associated with the spring season. They typically come in shades of white or yellow, and have 6 wide petals with a bulb in the middle. Their smell varies by the type as some note daffodils have no to little scent, while others say they have a strong and pungent odor at times.

If you plan to give these flowers to your mom, make sure you talk to your florist about the different varieties and care.


Orchids are a very beautiful and unique type of flower. Their colors, patterns, and even flowers have a multitude of patterns and colors – ranging from speckles, gradients and even stripes with a variety of pinks, blues, purples, and oranges.

The flowers typically bud and branch from the ends of long stems, and would work great in a minimalistic home.


Azaleas look similar to lilies but have a more subtle look to them. They last quite a long time, and are great to have because they’re pretty low maintenance flowers. Azaleas are also popular flowers used for landscaping and represent feminine beauty.

Azaleas come in varieties of white, yellow, red, and purple. Choose your mom’s favorite color and surprise her with these beautiful flowers!

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