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You’ve probably contemplated investing in different coverages that supplement your homeowners policy and will cover anything that your present policy neglects to.  Perhaps the most popular coverage that families consider is Hartford Flood Insurance. There remains however a simple answer to the question of flood insurance- can my home be damaged or destroyed from water?  If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you know what to do.

First, you need to determine if the area you live in is threatened by flooding.  Here in New England, flooding is a very real possibility especially flash flooding. Rough Notes provides some information on what to look for in determining flood coverage:

Is A Flood Loss Likely?

The chances of your business, home or personal property being damaged by a flood depends primarily upon where you live. They also depend on other factors such as:

  •         how much of a flood warning you receive
  •         the level of flood precautions you take (such as moving personal property from lower levels to higher levels), and
  •         the precautions taken by your community (such as the use of flood controls in construction standards or sandbagging threatened areas).

Floods are related to weather conditions and tend to affect very wide areas. This often makes chances of a flood loss higher than a loss from fires or windstorms. Many people have the obsolete belief that a flood policy is only needed if you live in a flood prone area. This simply is not the case.  Just because you may or may not live in a designated ‘flood zone’ does not mean you have zero risk.

Hopefully you do the right and smart move, and invest in Hartford flood insurance.  It’s the best additional coverage you can have to make sure your home is completely covered.  Don’t let a simple summertime flash flood sweep away your assets along with your home.