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Some may have trouble when it comes to figuring out what coverage policy is best for them and their family’s situation. In certain instances, you may get overwhelmed when shuffling through different policy options, types and prices especially when getting coverage for your vehicles. If you’re scratching your head with all the information in front of you, our CT insurance agency can help!

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CT auto insurance coverage is required by state law so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best out of your policy. Because you spend so much time driving, you’re going to want to traverse through any gray areas so everything is black and white with no confusion. Before settling on your policy, consider these frequently asked questions for auto insurance: 

Does marriage affect premiums? 

Normally, after marriage your car insurance rates will see a decrease because your coverage and your spouses will be combined into one package. Also, you may then also qualify for a multiple vehicle discount depending on how many cars you own. 

Why do some cars cost more than others to insure? 

A variety of factors go into your insurance rates including personal data such as age, driving record and how many miles you drive on average. But, the make and model of your car will affect it as well because some cars are considered safer than others. For instance, insurance agencies will look at information regarding your vehicle and see how many collisions are associated with that model. Based on that, along with other things, they’ll come up with a rate. 

Will my insurance cover someone borrowing my car?

Yes! As long as the driver has your permission to borrow it, you will not be penalized if someone other than yourself is involved in an accident. If your brother or friend had to borrow your car and was involved in a minor accident, your liability and collision coverage would kick in and cover any damages. 

A CT auto insurance policy can be confusing for home, which is our CT insurance agency is here to help you out with any questions you have. Feel free to contact us today to clear everything up!