• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So we’ll be talking about autumn for the next week, because, well, I love this season and it provides us with a plethora of blog topics that can serve you the reader, in make your life just a little bit easier.  Now, autumn is the season in which it has a little bit of everything, in a good way.  You have the warm days from summer that still linger around until mid October and the leaves changing into the most beautiful oranges, garnets, and golds.  Then you have the cooler nights where the AC no longer is needed, but the fall flowers can still bloom until the first real frost, which usually isn’t for at least another couple of weeks. 

But what then, you may ask, does this have anything to do with CT insurance for your automobile?Well it actually has everything to do with your car, because autumn gives your car, truck or SUV the experience and time it needs to prepare itself for winter.  Now this largely entails your assistance, but at least the fall season gives you enough time to make any necessary changes to your car to make sure it’s good to go for winter.

Take for instance that first real frost that I told you about.  Now it’s probably not going to be five degrees outside, but temps in the mid-thirties are not outlandish in any way.  Since your car hasn’t experienced these temperatures since, well, last winter, it may take an additional few seconds to start.  This is be your wake-up call to start preparing your car for the winter months to come.

So what then are the proper steps to take to correctly ‘winterize’ your car? Well like any good story, you’re just going to have to stop by tomorrow to find out! Make sure to call Paradiso Insurance for any and all CT insurance needs you may have, and see you tomorrow for part two!