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So if you’re trying to sell a home this Spring season, there are certain
things that you should be on the lookout for.  Now, as we all know this
isn’t the greatest time to sell a house, but if you need to sell your
home for any reasons, there’s a couple simple steps that you need to
take that will hopefully make your selling experience as pleasant as

Your CT homeowners insurance provider wishes to help you out in case you’re attempting to sell your home during the warm weather months.  Luckily, we found some great information on a couple of easily avoided pitfalls that can make or break your selling experience.

According to MSN money, there are five key mistakes that home sellers make all the time, but hopefully by reading this, you won’t fall to the same fate.

  1. Don’t use the wrong agent: This is where networking and recommendations come in really handy.  Ask anyone you know for referrals, go to different open houses and make a list of the possible agents right for you.
  2. Failing to Stage: Make your home look like a million bucks.  No one wants to purchase a dirty, unclean and unkempt home, so make sure it’s always looking fantastic for potential buyers (this is known as staging).
  3. Overpricing: Ignore all of the national home pricing guidelines and economic trends, only focus on your current local market.  Just because you have a similar house like one in California doesn’t mean its worth as much as its west coast cousin.  Do your homework and look at other similar properties in your area to get a better grasp on current, local home prices.
  4. Falling head over heels with an unprepared buyer: DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT accept an offer from any buyer unless you know for an absolute certainty that your buyer has been pre-approved for financing. 
  5. Don’t linger when there’s lookers:  Just standing around as a potential buyer makes their way through your home is a bad move.  This is going to potentially be their home, not yours, so take yourself out of there picturesque future home.

Hopefully these tips will help you out if you’re selling a home.  And also for buyers out there, look at these tips for reference to make sure you’re buying for a solid previous home owner.