• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Businesses everywhere can be sued by present and former employees for a variety of reasons. It’s for this exact reason (along with many others) that your business needs to have the proper coverage, and this starts with Hartford Business Insurance.

Harassment remains at the top of the claims lawsuit ladder. It’s for this exact reason why coverage, namely EPLI is a great way to protect your company.  In order for you or your business to be ready for the possible claim threat, here are the top five current harassment trends:

1. Retaliation-This could include an array of events like unimportant assignments or demotion when the employee feels they are being mistreated.

2. Web- There’s more than 500 million active Facebook users and 140 million Tweets sent per day…someone is bound to mess up.

3. Religion- According to the EEOC, religious discrimination charges rose 10.7% from 2009 to 2010. The EEOC has filed several prominent lawsuits on behalf of Muslim workers for such violations as interrupted prayer breaks, discrimination based on attire, and slander.

4. Contingent WorkersAccording to a study by the University of Melbourne, contingent workers are 5 times more likely to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances, and 10 times more likely to be sexually harassed in their temporary workplace.

5. Male-on-Male Harassment– According to the EEOC, the number of sexual harassment claims filed by men has doubled between 1990 and 2009. The most common claims filed are by male victims that have been exposed to derogatory and offensive behavior by other males.

These are only few of the many reasons why having Hartford Business Insurance is so crucial to any successful firm. You never can be too cautious as an owner, that’s why this type of coverage is so important to your company’s survival.