• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It looks like there are some wicked storms headed our way this afternoon, as the weatherman is calling for heavy rains, thunder & lightning, with even a chance of possible hail and tornados.  Now we all remember what happened a few years back to the few towns just north of Stafford Springs in Massachusetts, namely Monson, Sturbridge, and Brimfield from that tornado, so I think it’s safe to say tornado threats are no longer a laughing matter.commercial flood

But for the purpose of today’s blog, we would like to talk about flash flooding (something that more likely to happen from this storm than the tornados) and how it can effect you, your house, and your CT homeowners insurance. Flash flooding occurs when there is a quick and heavy influx of rain, causing the rapid rise of water in streams/rivers and low urban/ town areas like Main Street, Stafford Springs.  Basicaly what happens is that the drainage systems in our roads and sidewalks cannot handle the fast addition of the heavy rain, and thus produce flooding along the roads. Furthermore, this overflow can cause the flood waters to enter into your home’s basement, so that’s why taking the neccessary precautions to prevent flood damage in your home is critical during these types of summer storms.

The reason we are stressing this so much during the summer is two-fold: 1) well, it’s summer and that’s when these things happen, 2) we can never stop reminding people that flood damage is NOT covered by a standard CT homeowners insurance policy.  Instead, it’s covered through a Hartford Flood Insurance policy, so hopefully you have one of those too if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding.  Just be ready, because there’s a reason these floods are called “flash floods.”